Natural Alpaca Batting

Imagine the softness of alpaca rolling through your fingers.

Playing with natural alpaca fiber is a real pleasure.  Without dyes and processed locally on our farm without the use of harh chemicals. You will never go back to synthetic fibers that irritate your fingers.

You can use this carded fiber for all your creative projects.

Use it directly for your water or needle felting projets : create baby slippers, a unique hat, an artistic neck warmer or scarf?

Spin it up on your wheel to create beautiful yarn that you can then knit into a subllime scarf. Why not crochet a warm hat?  Or weave a beautiful shawl?

Pamper yourself! Work with the fiber of the gods ... alpaca!


NOTE: Sold by the gram


You can choose the quality based on your needs! 

Let's keep it simple, just choose:

FINE : (grade 1-2) : A gentle softness that everyone appreciates for next-to-the-skin wear. Ideal if you have sensitive skin

MEDIUM : (grade 3-4) : Comfortable to the touch for lasting products with daily use such as hats, scarves, gloves, stockings.

COARSE : (grade 5-6) : Should not be worn next to the skin. Ideal for coarse felting projects, heavy duty use such as insoles or carpets, filler for pillows or duvets 


The natural colors of alpaca

Below is the colour chart from the alpaca registry. Please choose your color from the options on the right, they are listed in the same order as the chart below:

What is the fineness per "grade"?

Grade 1 (<20 microns) gentle, next-to-the-skin wear. Baby items. Lingerie.

Grade 2 (20-23 microns) gentle, next-to-the-skin wear. Hand-knit items such as socks, hats, gloves, scarves.

Grade 3 (23-26 microns) this is the best grade for durable, longer lasting everyday hats, scarves, gloves, socks; both commercially made and knit/crochet/felted.

Grade 4 (26-29 microns) outerwear, coats, upholstery fabric, socks.

Grade 5 (29-32) duvets, carpet, pillow fill, quilt batting, overcoats, etc.

Grade 6 (>32) woven rugs, felted insoles, felted rugs, other coarse felting projects.

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Carded Alpaca Fiber: 100% natural batting

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